Most frequent questions and answers

Once you have made a booking online you will automatically receive an email confirming your booking that includes all of the logistics required for the sail you have booked.

No problem at all, let us know in the dietary section of your booking or email us after you have booked. We can cater to any requirements here.

Certainly not, in fact more than half our guests to date have never stepped foot on a sailing boat before. Our professional crew do everything and will make sure you feel comfortable and aware of what is going on.

Brindabella only had to cancel one event last season due to weather. She can operate in a very wide range of wind conditions due to her extensive sail inventory. We can also utilise the Port River for a very exciting sailing experience. Rain is not really an issue either, whilst it is hard to avoid rain at a stationary venue we can see it coming for miles and navigate around showers.

Cooler months actually present gentler sailing conditions and in our opinion beautiful times on the water. Sure you may have to rug up a little and given Brindabella’s scale and configuration you wont get wet on deck and can easily escape into the warm environment of the saloon for a while if you like.

Not at all, simply let us know so we can work with you to make your day enjoyable. There is a need to move across the boat at times such as through a tack however we have some positions on board where this movement is minimal and can be assisted. If you have a disability and are unsure if we can accommodate your needs please contact us for a confidential chat. If you want to sail on board Brindabella we will do everything to work out a way.

Our minimum age is generally 10 years old for ticketed events, private charter by negotiation. There is no upper age limit rather a record which currently stands at 96 years. Children (under 18) are half price on selected ticketed events.

Our ticketed events will sail into the gulf and take advantage of the wind direction to give guests the best possible sailing experience for the allocated time frame.

The extra time on the water gives us an opportunity to serve a broader menu of food as well as a better opportunity to fly one of our spinnakers. Whilst we cannot guarantee we fly the spinnaker we always endeavour to do so.

You will effectively be human ballast whilst onboard. Moving across deck during manoeuvres. Our professionally trained crew will explain to you the basic physics of sailing and explain how our onboard sailing systems work. Whilst we cannot allow guests to manage lines due to the extraordinary forces at play you can certainly have a supervised feel of the helm .

We have a large cohort of very experienced crew that have trained extensively with us. Changes to AMSA will soon require all crew to also be ticketed through an RTO. At this stage we are not looking for anymore crew, but follow us on our socials for future call outs.