Brindabella Owners Brigid Dighton and Johnny Hilhorst


Brigid Dighton & Johnny Hilhorst: The Visionaries Behind Brindabella Sailing

Bringing their shared passion for the sea and a desire to create lasting experiences, Brigid Dighton and Johnny Hilhorst took on the role of custodians of Brindabella in early 2021. Their journey began with the idea of acquiring an ex-racing maxi yacht, influenced by a variety of factors that shaped their vision.

Years ago, Brigid and Johnny embarked on a journey to create a business that would embody their core values. These values encompassed expressing creativity, embracing family flexibility, forging meaningful connections with others, and providing unforgettable experiences. It was their dream to find a venture that seamlessly integrated their love for the sea and all its wonders.

With the acquisition of Brindabella, their dream became a reality. The yacht not only represents a vessel of extraordinary sailing prowess but also serves as a platform for delivering on their shared values. Brigid and Johnny’s vision for Brindabella Sailing is to provide a remarkable experience that captivates the senses, fosters connections, and creates memories that will endure.

Through their stewardship, Brigid and Johnny have transformed Brindabella into an iconic symbol of excellence, offering an unparalleled sailing experience for individuals, groups, and corporate clients alike. They invite you to embark on a journey with Brindabella, where the boundless beauty of the sea and the thrill of sailing combine to create extraordinary moments that will leave a lasting impression.




80 Feet 24 Meters


105 Feet 33 Meters


14 Feet 4.3 Meters


21903 Kilos 21.9 Tonne


175 SQM 180 Kilos


A2 Mast Head 450 SQM


18 Berths

What an epic day with Brindabella Sailing. Photos cannot capture the excitement and the absolute thrill of being onboard Brindabella. Imagine racing through the water with one side of the deck skimming the waves while your literally flying above! We were so well looked after and just when you think it doesn’t get any better we were spoilt with drinks and fabulous food.

Sailing on Brindabella

Sailing on Brindabella with Brigid and Johnny and the Brindabella Sailing Crew was such a fantastic experience. I have always wondered what it would be like to sail on a Maxi Yacht, so it's all the more special given Brindabella is a Sydney to Hobart winner! I highly recommend this sailing experience which is capped off with some very yummy tapas and bubbly. – Marie

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